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As some of you already know the restaurant next door is now open. You will now see tow away signs on our property as well as cones in both of the entrances to keep their customers and employees from using our parking lot. If you are leaving your vehicle to have work done please disregard these signs and go around the cones to park your vehicle in our parking lot. If you are a customer and you do not have an appointment with us, please have respect for our customers that do have an appointment and do not park in our lot if you are going to the restaurant. We are actively towing vehicles that are not supposed to be in our parking lot. If your vehicle has been towed please call Kendall Towing at 321-728-4102 to get your vehicle back. We apologize for this inconvenience and we appreciate your understanding.


When dropping off your vehicle after hours, please park in a parking space if one is available. There is a drop box just to the left of the front door. Open the blue door and grab an envelope. Please fill out the envelope as best as you can and make sure you sign the bottom of the envelope or we CANNOT work on your vehicle. Once you have filled out the envelope and put your keys in it, open the blue door again and just above the envelopes you will see a slot for you to slide your envelope into the locked box. If your vehicle is being towed in after hours please have the tow truck driver put your keys in the drop box and have the driver drop the vehicle in a parking space if one is available. 

When setting up an appointment we will offer you two choices. You can drop off your vehicle for the ENTIRE day and we will work it in throughout the day and have it ready for you by 5:30 pm. Your second choice is to set up a waiting appointment. We will give you a specific time to be here and we will work on your vehicle at that time while you are here waiting. Please be aware that we have a limited amount of waiting appointments due to the nature of our business.

772 Sunset Dr.
Melbourne, FL 32935

Tel: (321) 610-7946

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